Dear Customers,

We warmly welcome you to the Sensual-Body Shape & Sunbed beauty studio, a place where you can experience professional and friendly care, located in Shepherd's Bush. We offer modern sunbeds, beauty treatments and most of all, first in London Infrared Fitness Machines which are revolutionary in helping you to keep your body fit and lose weight. We treat each customer individually, so you can be sure we will accommodate your expectations and needs. We guarantee the highest quality of treatments and we are sure you will enjoy our friendly atmosphere.


How it all started:
Sensual-Body Shape & Sunbed was opened in June 2012. This is when a dream about designing the best in town beauty that would serve every ones' needs came true!

It wasn't easy at the beginning ...

I wanted this place to be more than a typical sunbed or beauty studio, not only a place where you would come to care for your beauty. I wanted this place to give you a relaxing experience, so that you could forget about your daily routine, where you could recharge and meet friendly people, talk, laugh and form new friendships.

This place's look and what it offers is exactly what I dreamt of years ago.

Sensual-Body Shape & Sunbed beauty studio offers:

  • air conditioned solarium with spray breeze
  • Collagen Light Therapy Bed - providing a revolutionary new treatment for anti-aging which is 100% safe
  • a separate room for facial and body care, where we take you to the Land of Beauty and Relaxation. Cozy rooms, relaxing music, candle glow during the treatment make you feel relaxed and help you to collect your thoughts and regain energy.
  • Body Shape Studio - designed for people who want to lose weight in a short period of time, eliminate cellulitis, shape their bodies and improve their fitness.
  • here you can also purchase various beauty products such as tanning products ,face cosmetics Bielenda, natural cosmetics made by TianDe , nutritional supplements, health products and Herbalife products helping you to lose weight

The secret of our success...

What we do is our passion.

We value every single customer. Regular customers receive special care, we will always find time for them.

We invite you to have a look at Sensual-Body Shape & Sunbed detailed offer and to benefit from our services.

Kind Regards,

Kinga Powroznik